Note from our roaster

We're all proud of where we're from. No matter where you live, you always take a part of your hometown with you. We love where we live and we let the rest of the world know. We flaunt our mountain biking scars like war badges and gladly tell our stories of near misses with grizzly bears. The same holds true for people around the globe; everyone takes where they were born and raised as a piece of their identity. Our coffee is the same. Every bean brings its unique aromas depending on where it comes from. The local soil, altitude and climate all change the flavours in a cup. Just like us, our coffees are proud of where they’re from, so why shouldn’t we let them brag? That’s why we only roast single origin coffees; we let the coffee speak for itself, by itself.  By serving each coffee on it’s own, we allow them to showcase their country, region and farm of origin. When you drink Rooftop coffee, you peek into the farms in Costa Rica, Colombia or Indonesia that played such a monumental role in shaping each bean. By ensuring that each bean can present it’s unique flavours alone, we build a link between the coffee drinker and the coffee farmer. So kick back with a cup of our single origin coffee, and enjoy the spiciness of an Indonesian, the chocolate-y goodness of a Colombian or the beautiful floral notes of an Ethiopian; our coffee will make sure you know where it’s from.