Weekend Club Rides - All road cyclist are welcome to try!

Vélo Café Club, is a club with a closed membership, however, we welcome guest riders on our weekend rides! All guests must have a ABA membership, sign our VCC waiver (see on-line waiver below) and agree to the Rules of the Road. It is a closed membership, but we do accept new members once they have ridden with us as “guests” for a period of time. To become a member it is a two-step process: (1) ride as a guest on a number of rides; and (2) get invited to be a member. 


  1. All riders are to have ABA memberships and insurance.  
    • Carry ABA card with you on all group rides.  No card – no ride.  
    • All riders must have signed a VCC waiver form.  No waiver – no ride.
  2. Obey all traffic signs and lights and adhere to the Rules of the Road.  
    • Bikes are considered vehicles, so don’t ride like you “own the road”.  Respect all vehicles on the road, and the respect will be returned.  
  3. Ensure:
    • your bike is in good mechanical condition and carry appropriate repair items with you (spare tubes, pump, etc.);
    • you have enough food and water for the extent of ride planned that day;
    • you are wearing or have appropriate clothing for the ride and weather.
  4. No ipods or audio devices that require earbuds or headphones.  
    • This is a social ride, so enjoy the ride and unplug.
  5. On most Saturdays VCC offers three different levels of group ride: A, B and C.  
    • Ensure that you situate yourself in the appropriate group (A is the fast group with average speed of approx. 30+kph and longer distance rides.  The B group would average speeds of approx. 25-29kph with a similar route to the A ride.  The C group would be low to mid 20s for speed, but a shorter distance).  
    • The idea behind the group ride is that it is a “no drop” ride, but that is dependent upon each rider situating themselves appropriately.  Ride within your limits.
  6. VCC will have Ride Captains for each Saturday ride, for each group (A, B or C).  Please listen to the Ride Captains and follow his/her lead and directions.
  7. According to Division 4 - Section 78 of Alberta Traffic Safety Act cyclists are to maintain a single file position while riding on Alberta roads.  
    • As such, ride single file at all times when safe to do so.  
    • At times we will ride on the pathway system in order to access different roads; ensure single file riding on the paths as well.
    • In any event never ride two or three abreast while climbing a hill or approaching the top of a hill.  You never know what is coming at you from the other side.
  8. While riding in the group (peloton) avoid half-wheeling or overlapping wheels with the bike in front or behind you.  
    • Maintain your position in the peloton and avoid any sudden movements or surges in any direction (whether forward or to the side).
  9. The group will stop periodically to rest but to also gauge how everyone is doing.  If you are having difficulties please let a “ride buddy” know or the Ride Captain.  Do not suffer in silence only to get dropped by yourself.
  10. If a pace-line forms on the group ride, take your turn at the front of the pace-line and do not surge or force the pace; maintain the pace and then gradually drop back and move into the pace-line.  
    • Group riding requires predictability; no sudden movements. 
  11. If you have a “mechanical” issue, notify a fellow rider and slow down gradually.  The group, or a portion of the group, will stop to assist with the mechanical.  
  12. Call out all road hazards and if appropriate use hand signals to point out hazard.  
    • Do not jeopardize your safety to point out a hazard; simply call it out in that instant.
  13. If you notice someone riding erratically or in an unsafe manner, please notify a Ride Captain or alternatively speak to the rider directly in a calm manner.  Do not engage in an argument or heated conversation.  
  14. Please keep in mind these rules are meant to keep all riders safe while on VCC group rides.  Non-compliance with these rules or unsafe riding practices will garner one warning and if not followed then the rider will be asked not to return to VCC group rides on a go-forward basis.  Don’t be this person.

Once you have agreed to our terms and have purchased your ABA insurance, we can issue you a GUEST CARD for the season. Please know that there is a $10 card/admin fee, you will be charged when you are issued your card at the cafe counter. We accept cash, credit and debit. 

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Vélo Café Club Rides

As the saying goes...

money can’t buy happiness but it can buy a bike and that’s the next best thing. What started out as a few friends in the service industry getting together on Mondays to go for a spin in the country has spread to a larger group of likeminded men and women who meet on Saturday mornings to share their love of cycling. To further foster that spirit we decided to expand group rides and create a critical mass of cyclists on the roads around Calgary. We believe that the more people that ride their bikes the safer it becomes. This year will be our second season hosting group rides. Departing from the Velo Club Café's clubhouse,  a hub for cycling enthusiasts to depart from, arrive back to and meet to swap stories. We want to create an inclusive club so that all people can share their love of the sport.

Club Rides

All cyclists welcome! Safety is our priority, please ride within your skill level. We have three levels of rides, organized according to ability. If you are unsure, please feel free to chat with one of our ride captains. 

GROUP A - Hammerfest -

This is a DROP RIDE.

Ride length: 80-160 km
Ride speed: 35+ km/h average sustained pace over 100 km's

  • Very experienced
  • Train regularly (including winter training)
  • Have excellent bike handling skills
  • Can ride continuously at a fast pace 35 km/hour

GROUP B - Zippy -

This is a NON-DROP RIDE. Captains will ensure to organize regrouping points.

Ride length: 90-160 km
Ride speed: 27-33 km/h average sustained pace over 90 km

  • Experienced
  • Feel confident riding at any position in the bunch
  • Train regularly (including winter training)
  • Have excellent bike handling skills
  • Can ride continuously at a pace 30 km/hour

GROUP C - Social ride -

This is a NON-DROP RIDE.

Ride length: 30-45 km
Ride speed: 22 - 26km/h average

  • Know how to clip in and out of their pedals
  • Know how to handle their bike safely (braking, navigating around obstacles) at an easy pace through the city
  • Are interested in gaining more experience riding on the road
  • Can ride continuously at a pace 22 km/hour
  • Looking to meet new people who cycle

Monday Ladies Ride

Calling all Ladies - our first Ladies Ride of the season will be at the end of May (weather dependent), departing from Vélo Café. Come at 5PM to top up water, and you'll ride at 5:30! Routes will change frequently and will be based on the riders' ability. This is a chance for women of ALL abilities to get out and ride. Beginners looking to learn the rules of the road to our elite cyclists who want a recovery spin, this is for you. You'll learn tips and tricks of cycling and have a great time together. Any questions, please e-mail Sarah King 

Saturday Sept 8th - 🇫🇷🚲

Saturday VCC sponsor ride. We will meet at Vélo Café at 9am ride 80 ish km (french style), then stop at National at Westhills for beers and snack then head down to Bridgette Bar for drinks, back to Vélo Café for wine and cheese. VCC members and guests welcome. We ride to eat.


SUNDAY - Espresso Ride  10 am

Looks like it's going to be sunny! Bragg for coffee!


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