Club Rides - All road cyclist are welcome to try!

Vélo Café Saturday Group Rides - IMPORTANT UPDATE!

We are delighted with the turnout for our Saturday group rides! We have really enjoyed meeting and riding with other like minded cycling enthusiasts! 

Please know that Alberta Bicycle Association has informed us that due to the size of our rides we are now considered an event. Law in Alberta requires all cyclists participating in events are required to have a ABA membership. Please take the time to register, all you need is a GENERAL MEMBERSHIP. This will provide you with ABA's sport injury and liability insurance coverage (which is good to have if you are out cycling on the roads). Here is the link!

First time participants don not need insurance, please ask for our waiver form.

We really appreciate your cooperation and look forward to riding with you!

Saturday mornings -

Saturday VCC ride.
90/ 100 km for A and B group.

60 Km around Springbank with Michael Burchill for the C.
Espresso and croissant at 930 am and ride at 10 Am. 
Keep riding.


Monday Ladies Ride - 

Calling all Ladies - our first Ladies Ride of the season will be Monday, April 24th, departing from Vélo Café. Come at 5PM to top up water, and you'll ride at 5:30! Routes will change frequently and will be based on the riders' ability. This is a chance for women of ALL abilities to get out and ride. Beginners looking to learn the rules of the road to our elite cyclists who want a recovery spin, this is for you. You'll learn tips and tricks of cycling and have a great time together. Any questions, please e-mail Sarah King See you on the 24th!

Unofficial Monday Rendez-Vous

Follow Gilles on a random rendez-vous! Meet for espresso at 9:15am, roll at 9:30am

60km - 90km (we never know what to expect, 31 -40km/hour)

Please note the Gilles is away from August 5th - August 20th and will not be hosting this ride.