Vélo Café Club Rides

As the saying goes...

money can’t buy happiness but it can buy a bike and that’s the next best thing. What started out as a few friends in the service industry getting together on Mondays to go for a spin in the country has spread to a larger group of likeminded men and women who meet on Saturday mornings to share their love of cycling. To further foster that spirit we decided to expand group rides and create a critical mass of cyclists on the roads around Calgary. We believe that the more people that ride their bikes the safer it becomes. Departing from the Velo Club Café's clubhouse,  a hub for cycling enthusiasts to depart from, arrive back to and meet to swap stories. We want to create an inclusive club so that all people can share their love of the sport.

We have had lots of inquiries regarding, our Vélo Café Club group rides. Over the last couple of years, we have had the great pleasure of meeting and riding with hundreds of cyclists. We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and riding with you all. Please know that we have had to make some changes to the group ride format.

The Vélo Café will remain a meeting place for all cyclists. We encourage you to become a member of the Vélo Café Club Facebook page, this will be a tool, that you can use, to connect with riders of the same ability, and post rides! Please know that there will no longer be, official group rides with designated captains. If you are a Vélo Café Club member, we will be offering special team rides and race training clinics, updates will be sent to you via email. For your reference, if someone posts a ride labelling it a: A, B or C ride, this is based on skill level and ability. See below.

A ride - Hammerfest -

This is a DROP RIDE.

Ride length: 80-160 km

Ride speed: 35+ km/h average sustained pace over 100 km's

  • Very experienced

  • Train regularly (including winter training)

  • Have excellent bike handling skills

  • Can ride continuously at a fast pace 35 km/hour

B ride - Zippy -

This is a NON-DROP RIDE.

Ride length: 90-160 km

Ride speed: 27-33 km/h average sustained pace over 90 km

  • Experienced

  • Feel confident riding at any position in the bunch

  • Train regularly (including winter training)

  • Have excellent bike handling skills

  • Can ride continuously at a pace 30 km/hour

C ride - Social ride -

This is a NON-DROP RIDE.

Ride length: 30-45 km

Ride speed: 22 - 26km/h average

  • Know how to clip in and out of their pedals

  • Know how to handle their bike safely (braking, navigating around obstacles) at an easy pace through the city

  • Are interested in gaining more experience riding on the road

  • Can ride continuously at a pace 22 km/hour

  • Looking to meet new people who cycle

We anticipate many cyclists still meeting up and riding from the Velo Cafe, every Saturday and Sunday. If you are interested in joining a group of cyclists for a ride. Please make sure to join the Velo Cafe Club Facebook page for ongoing group posts. Feel free to post a ride! Safety is priority, please ride within your skill level, stay safe and have fun!

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